Installation The Right to Remain Silence as part of the event Harbour of Sorrow in Divadlo X10.
Harbour for all emotions

„We hear everywhere that the world is in the state of permanent crisis. Ecological crisis, epidemiological crisis, humanitarian crisis, food crisis, refugee crisis, family crisis, property crisis, housing crisis, identity crisis, crisis crisis crisis crisis. How to navigate these dark waters without being wrecked?

Sometimes, everyone needs a place to rest, everyone needs to be caressed, held, comforted.

In November, the Theatre X10 will become a harbour where all the emotions we tend to marginalise and push away – nostalgia, fear, sadness, anger, aggression, or insecurity - will get a chance to anchor and rest for a while. Let’s enable ourselves to whine, to cry, to experience emotions, to share our innermost fears and sorrows together.

Y: Harbour of Sorrow welcomes big and "way too theatrical" emotions as the main theme and driving force behind the composition of the event. Let us be lulled on the bord of melancholy for a while before we head back to the dark lives of (perhaps) permanent crises."

~~In my installation I focus on the topic of physical and mental fatigue, the impossibility of rest in times of permanent crises and fnding ways to change this internal state. I have been dealing with these topics for a long time, they are always up to date for me. I'm learning not to be ashamed of the need to rest. My generation hopes to somehow survive in the heat and have at least some time of. God is temporarily unavailable, impossibilities multiply, and hope does not die because he does not live.
We are torn down like posters and looking for ways not to collapse. Even so, one could summarize the range of my poetry that accompanies the installation. I sang melancholic and cynical verses in major chords against the background of meditative sand noise. Excerpts of poetry also appear on the inner walls of the bunker and aim to entice the viewer to listen to the whole song inside. In addition to the aforementioned text, I also placed a glass object in the bunker, which can (?) Be demolished indefnitely and refers to a child's hobby in building shelters from the rest of the world. I create organic shapes with glass tubes. As Picasso said: nature is true, art is not. A luminous object flled with phosphorus may resemble a living organism, speaking to the viewer with the voice of my poems. Nature is a means for me to fnally relax, which is why I mention it in the shapes I create. I ofer here what I myself am missing at the age of twenty-three: the opportunity to hide in a dark bunker as a child, to breathe in silence and to have a pleasant pre-mortal euphoria with dreams that cannot help us.~~

ARTISTS Barbora Ilić ▪ Ester Grohová & Klárka Ondračková & Tereza Chudáčková ▪ Ivana Durkáčová [SK] ▪ Kosmo_nauty ▪ Kristina Fingerland ▪ Lea Kukovićić [SLO] ▪ Matyáš Grimmich & Karolína Schön ▪ Nela Bártová ▪ Sofia Oblomova ▪ Natália Sýkorová
CURATORS Anna Chrtková & Petr Dlouhý
GRAPHIC DESIGN Kristýna Žáčková
SOUND Magdalena Kiselá
LIGHT DESIGN Štěpán Hejzlar