The inspiration for creating the Triturus installation was the fire tank in Lubná near Polička (CZ), where I was in the plein air in 2018. The tank fascinated me then, because a beautiful life blossomed in it (lots of algae and aquatic plants, a clear surface, foam on it), which was not disturbed by man. Why? Allegedly due to the occurrence of a rare newt. This story thrilled me - all over the world, people destroys the landscape and life in it, and the fact that in a small Czech village does not interfere with life in a fire tank, in the ubiquitous frustration with the state of nature, it seemed miraculous to me. Today, the reservoir is drained and with it the rich life in it. As a reminder of this moving story, I created an object from glass tubes, which, like the plants in the tank, slowly grew and grew. The process of threading the tubes on the wires and folding them together was meditative and fragile. With the chosen material, I tried to capture the fragility of life, which can so easily disrupt the human race. The sequence of the water surface shines through the glass, thus I observe the relationship between the static object and the moving image.