site specific installation in Galerie Véčko (Olomouc, CZ)
During this site-specific installation, Galerie Véčko changes into a window through which we look to the landscape. However, this landscape looks different than we know it. The sky is an alloy of several shades of color and unspecified creatures lives here. It is made up of variously conceived prints of the author's body. The landscape is an inner state of mind and a being who feels and has the same rights as man. The author tries to symbolically reincarnate into the landscape, which should lead to a better understanding towards landscape and the beings living in it. At a time that requires systematic change, but it is coming slowly, it is an important gesture for Nela - empathy and living together.
The exhibition was part of the XY Walk 2021.
Curators: Martina Krahulová, Veronika Kočiříková