bachelor thesis /installation
"It is no coincidence that the new human types of our time, which did not exist before, were joined by a type of person who does not live, do not act, do not respond, act and do not deal with anything, but dreams. He dreams at night and often during the day, he is used to writing down his dreams, and because writing a dream takes much more time than dreaming alone, these dream writers are directly employed throughout their lives; they are never done with it, they will never write down half of what they dream of. ”(Hermann Hesse, Late Prose)

"The text is a fetish and this fetish longs for me. The text chose me and now examines me with a whole system of invisible screens and a series of catchers: vocabulary, links, readability, etc .; and in the middle of the text (not behind it) is the author. ”(Roland Barthes, Delight from the Text)

... For me, dreaming began to mean not only trips to the most beautiful places, but also a very pleasant escape from reality - so pleasant that I began to explore the images in depth and detail while dreaming.
Sleep is no longer just a physical need - it is a mental therapy, an escape to worlds where everyday life ceases. It is the fastest and most effective treatment for a diagnosis that I cannot name.
The poem I decided to write is one of the ones when I came across a wonderful landscape in my dream, which dug into me. I enjoy thinking of these landscapes as fascinating nature as well as the inner reflection of the soul / mind.
The landscape is what I fell in love with. For infinite interpretation, for being everywhere, in everything, and wherever I don't look. I transfer it to the text, which can eventually cause me pleasure.
I decided to move my long-term work with glass tubes in such a way that I chose larger diameter tubes for my bachelor's thesis and started blowing into them, thanks to which the space for the passage of liquids and other substances remained in the bends of individual letters and at the same time greater stability.
Of course, I appreciate working with the trumpets because of the result, but above all because of its meditative nature.
The landscape that I thematize in my work is shown here not only in the content of the poem, but also in the format - the horizon is represented in words by a surface that fills the interior of the glass letters, spilling from one to the other.
At the same time, it is an unforgettable moment for me to meet the reader / viewer with the work - just the initial formal question of whether he will interpret the work as a text or rather as an object is attractive to me. I don't need him to be able to decipher word for word, letter by letter - if he perceives objects in a purely material form and does not "decipher", it is just as important for me.