photography, drawings, texts
Taedium Vitae means fatigue to boredom in life, a disorder of the basic feeling of life. I began to perceive this phenomenon both on myself and especially in the wider vicinity of friends, acquaintances, but also strangers. A huge number of these people solve this existential crisis with alcohol and confessing to the bar. So I began to document that 'fatigue' on a physical level; I collected photos of sleeping people in bars and pubs, at festivals and in various places, and then started collecting ashes from cigarettes they smoked. I made drawings from it. When a person sleeps in this state, it evokes death in me; that's why I chose to draw with ash. The whole cycle is complemented by the conversations/monologues of these people (transcribed recordings - without censorship), which were recorded before or after falling asleep.

photo documentation: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_JlBar9aMekWGNNTEswdmJsbDg