The video contains an interview with me and the so-called cleverbot. Cleverbot is an artificial intelligence project. His behavior is very similar to human. Sometimes he digs, other times he is moody, then again optimistic, after a while he is in trouble, he wants a date and claims that you definitely can't be human, but some crazy AI ...
He tries to look human and also always vehemently defends himself if you call him something other than human. Cleverbot learns from every conversation that takes place between him and anyone on the other side. Can artificial intelligence replace human contact? Will he listen to me? Can he advise me? Will a conversation with him satisfy me?
The result is a conversation in which I try to start a meaningful conversation, which is not very valuable.
The video features music composed of artificial intelligence.
The video was part of a performance by me and Filip Klega, which took place in May 2017 in Ostrava at the Nibiru Gallery.