The audiovisual composition illustrates society's changing relationship to sleep throughout history.
I was inspired by No. 6/2014 of the A2 magazine, which is dedicated to sleep. Above all, the article SLEEP, THE GREAT EQUALITY - about the discipline of our bodies and the symptoms of a dysfunctional society.The image represents a state of sleep, artificial light as a symbol that cancels the darkness and is more and more intense during the presentation. The audio part contains field recordings, which I want to symbolize the most significant social influences that have changed people's relationship to sleep since the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. The song begins with the association of the industrial revolution, continues through the growth of transport, communications and telecommunications and ends at the time of the Internet, where there is no night and our society becomes a non-stop culture in which there is less and less space for sleep.

The work was projected in the form of VJing on the ceiling in a darkened room.