site specific installation
My semestral work is about learning about material. It is the beginning of a relationship with all that is good, evil, surprising, expected, embarrassing, pleasing, deceptive. I spent quarantine mostly in the garden of my parents and I colonize this environment with glass tubes. I can liken tubes to ivy - I let them stretch around objects in the garden, I draw curves and folds with them, I connect points with them. Some installations still holds, others had a short life. Like relationships. I get to know the possibilities and the tubes in the garden become an invasive species living its own life, being confronted to weather conditions and the influence of parents.
Although I had no plans to thematize the corona situation, it was a bit due to the nature of the work - I parasitized like a virus in my parents' garden, and they reluctantly resisted the installations. The installations therefore managed the weather much better than the presence of my parents. That's why I added to the background of the video, in addition to the original sounds of the sequences, also the sounds of broken pipes from the installations - can it symbolize the treatment?
The shots follow the tension of the tubes, the camera is constantly moving, it never stops completely, just as a parasite won't do it until we get rid of it once and for all.