Installation; hand-sewed fabric, ceramic, glass
This work was created during the month of December. December, from the word please. I asked for many things; first, for anyone and everyone to help me in any way. Then, that they help me in other ways. In between, she begged many times for death, which she hopefully attempted in the most embarrassing ways. Finally, I realized that you can't just talk your way out of this, girl. My devastating arrival caused a promiscuous prescription for medication, leading naturally nowhere. It's hard to tell if we're talking about a dream or reality when reality has long since become fiction. My pseudo-plan solved nothing; however, it opened a panorama of questions in a landscape of hopeless wandering. Our zeitgeist is a sense of omnipresent pressure. And I ask - what dream won't wake me up? I wish to sleep forever. Sometimes you don't want to say anything, but you want others to know you exist, then there are the weekends when we start bands of the heavy mental genre and conspiracy theories that everything will be okay. Obviously my life path doesn't hold up in the winter.
Here I am, exposed and exhausted.