2019/2020 audiovisual installation
Sleep, as one of the most natural human needs, is taking the lead of the rhythm of our lives. Therefore, it is an infinite and still present topic. However, it is not well known to us so far, neither in the field of science nor art. What is happening with our bodies when we fall asleep? Young artist Nela Bártová is working with this question in the installation called Sleeping movements. During the third exhibition of the Edikula, the space of the gallery is transformed into a bedroom of the artist herself. As a part of the installation, there are 3D models implying the movement of the human body during sleep. These models copy the actual movements of the artist herself, as they were created from the data acquired in the laboratory of the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University. On top of that, there are also video and audio records of her sleep. So, in this way, her metaphorical body is eternally sleeping in this installation.

(Kristýna Mikešová, Galerie Edikula)