undeveloped photogram
Sleep is a state of unconsciousness. It escapes many attempts to control it. It is a time when a person is able to perceive a reality that is inaccessible to him during waking hours. Sleep as one of the conditions of life is essentially radically egalitarian. It transforms us all to outside of the body and sets in motion the unconscious; dreams.
And that's what fascinates me about sleeping. Defenselessness associated with transfer to another, dream world. The ritual of sleeping is one of the most basic and fundamental rituals, without which there is no life. In this work, I wanted to connect sleep and dreaming mainly because for me personally, these two components go hand in hand. Every normal person has 8 to 10 dreams per night. The memory of a dream may be alive after waking up, but it usually dissapears very quickly. Most people forget 95% of their dreams. I remember a lot of dreams so I started writing them down right after waking up and then looking in them for what they have in common. However, I have found that there is almost no element among them that repeats in any way. But one thing in common remained all the time, and that was the evanescence of dreams. When I read my dreams, I found that I can hardly imagine most of them again. It was this transience of dream that I tried to capture in my work - the disappearance of a dream after waking up.
We live in a hectic time, when everything around us is moving forward with such control that we do not even have a chance to perceive all the changes. Man talks to a man, suddenly he turns around and he is no longer there. He only knows that he really was there by the fact that he left a certain mark of his own. An imprint that refers to real existence. Similarly, fleeting traces in our brains leave dreams behind.
So I chose photo paper and made a photogram of my sleeping body, which I didn't develop. The paper and the imprint on it comes dark in light and over time the imprint will be completely gone in dark. Like a dream, it disappears with the coming light after waking up and especially with time.