Assignment Winter Semester 2016


Assignment, summer semester 2013/14


Exhibition at the U kolen Gallery

Archive of the Studio

Assignment Winter Semester 2014/2015
A conception of a studio programme within an art school is usually formulated based on an ideal idea of the department tutor. But the common language, program of the Environment studio FFA BUT is also determined by variable factors, moments, community of students, their interests and especially art creation and discussion within the studio programme. Thus, current students and some of the graduates attempt (from inside, from their perspectives) to shape the system of archive, that would testify about the studio, and so in relation to the present, future and past.

The Brno School Radio

Live radio broadcast of the Environment Studio - documentation of the nine days project.

Presentation of the artist / AEN for ART

Assignment Summer Semester 2015
Five days (25.–29. 5. 2015) and five continuous events set in the environment of conventional cinema define space which is open to thoughts of students from Studio of environment
on the relationship between arts, artist and audience, and public, publicity. Space arrangements of the auditorium, stage and screening area offer the framework for experimentation with various forms of artistic representation (slideshow, video, performance, happening, action, lecture etc.). It allows you to think about the question of self-representation of the artist. Project aims to define the studio from the inside. Thanks to cooperation with organisation of neighbouring Gallery Art events may be reflected also in the static exhibition space, from time to time. You are welcome to see exhibition till 21st June in the exhibition space of Cinema Art.

To Everyone

Exhibition project of the Environment Studio students for the Cyril Gallery in Prostějov


Assignment Winter Semester 2015/2016
As it is mentioned in the English Wikipedia 'A tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge'.

quid pro quo

Exhibition project Quid pro Quo within the "plein-air" in the village Lubná 5. - 11. 4. 2018.

Project Program

Assignment Summer Semester 2016

Assumed Occurence

The project conceived of the Environment studio students, Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno for the show Statues in the Streets - Brno Art Open, 13/6–31/8/2013
10th topic of the Sculptures in the Streets - Brno Art Open - Viliam Debnár (1968)

Another City

A joint project of students from the Studio Environment Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno and the studio of prof. Corinna Schnitt, from the Academy of Fine Arts, Braunschweig arises from the initiative of 4AM – Forum for Architecture and Media, Brno (within the project Medium Exhibition).


Assignment Summer Semester 2013
Motto „As soon as children are born, as soon as they enter our world, know everything about it and don’t need to learn a thing. The only problem is that they’ve hardly left their mother’s lap when a host of big-hearted females surround them, lean over the newly born and start in with their cooing: COO COO COO COO. The child is left speechless with fear. For more than a year the child is unable to utter a sensible work, so in the beginning he just lies there and inarticulately cries. Rehabilitation following the birth-shock goes on for years. A Nonutilitarian teacher's objective is to help everyone on this arduous journey."
Prologue from the programme of a Nonutilitarian teacher Josef Daněk and Blahoslav Rozbořil


Assignment Summer Semester 2012/2013
Motto: „As a sign of solidarity with recent world events, for the next minute do not interrupt the activity you are doing in this moment“ Roman Ondák 
„/lat. soliditas – solidity, density, firmness/ - in general means mutual dependency of a various elements of the entirety either of living organism, or society. In a more narrow meaning of the word it is a moral attitude, virtue…“

Bike Route

Assignment, Winter Semester 2012/13
From social engagement to an introvert experience

Reviving the Memory

En Plein Air with students from The Environment Studio, Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno UT, and The IN Studio, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava. Location: The Lidice Memorial

Czech and Slovakian Cooperation

A workshop with students from The Environment Studio, Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno UT, and The IN Studio, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava.

Museum of Roma Culture, Cejl

Assignment, summer semester 2011/12

Context Faculty of Fine Arts, BUT, Brno

Assignment – Summer Semester 2011/12