Assignment Winter Semester 2014/2015
A conception of a studio programme within an art school is usually formulated based on an ideal idea of the department tutor. But the common language, program of the Environment studio FFA BUT is also determined by variable factors, moments, community of students, their interests and especially art creation and discussion within the studio programme. Thus, current students and some of the graduates attempt (from inside, from their perspectives) to shape the system of archive, that would testify about the studio, and so in relation to the present, future and past.
Alpha - Beta - Gamma - Archive
"The phrase beta version is most often used in PC slang but it can be applied to anything. We agreed that we can create our own terminology.
Alfa Archive - development; what is currently happening in the studio (our meetings, debates, events, thoughts on the topic of Archive).
Beta Archive - prototype, the open version; that what we have concluded and what we will exhibit.
Gamma Archive - what happens with the archive in a future (interpretation of other people, planned a book, catalogue)."

The project cosisted among others in the presentation
Alfa Archive of the Environment Studio, an Attempt to Define
Richard Adam Gallery, Brno 8/4/2015 at 19:00
and it was planned for exhibition
Beta Archive of the Environment Studio,
Regional Museum of Chrudim from 29/4-31/5/2015