Assignment Summer Semester 2012/2013
Motto: „As a sign of solidarity with recent world events, for the next minute do not interrupt the activity you are doing in this moment“ Roman Ondák 
„/lat. soliditas – solidity, density, firmness/ - in general means mutual dependency of a various elements of the entirety either of living organism, or society. In a more narrow meaning of the word it is a moral attitude, virtue…“
The requirement consists of two inter-related parts. The first one is an own field research within one‘s own, even wider surroundings /mapping of environment/, where one moves, lives. The idea is to search for „places where the solidarity is being manifested“, with a special focus on non-institutional manifestations of solidarity – the ones, which are created so to say from below, from an immediate experiences, not the ones supported by state or other umbrella organizations, etc.

Second part: The search for solidarity in a real environment suppose to be an inspiration / initiation of one’s own creative social interaction – solidary action.
Work can be realized within the studio project AEN at the exhibit S-flux in G99.
The date of evaluation is 5. 12. 2012.
Part of an introduction to the topic is also the lecture by Palo Fabuš The Power and Solidarity, which will be held on 7.11. 2012 at 4PM in a room No. 206.