Assignment Summer Semester 2016
The exhibition project of the Environment Studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno presents students reactions on the tasks provided by artists and theorists they appreciate.
The project is inspired by a project of the same name which took place at Nova Scotia University at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s. At the same time it was motivated by the more general questions relating to arts education, defining a program of individual studies, challenges and pitfalls related to tasks of an artistic creation within the study. Addressed authorities had the opportunity of a strict  definition of the task, which could take the form of a score, a concept, or the visualization of a work. Implementation impinge on the quality and limits of  traditional art academies and more open models of teaching.
The exhibition and some of the works got final form during the one-week workshop in a former paper mill in Vrané nad Vltavou, today the Perla center of art. (23.04.2016–15.05.2016)
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