Assignment Summer Semester 2015
Five days (25.–29. 5. 2015) and five continuous events set in the environment of conventional cinema define space which is open to thoughts of students from Studio of environment
on the relationship between arts, artist and audience, and public, publicity. Space arrangements of the auditorium, stage and screening area offer the framework for experimentation with various forms of artistic representation (slideshow, video, performance, happening, action, lecture etc.). It allows you to think about the question of self-representation of the artist. Project aims to define the studio from the inside. Thanks to cooperation with organisation of neighbouring Gallery Art events may be reflected also in the static exhibition space, from time to time. You are welcome to see exhibition till 21st June in the exhibition space of Cinema Art.
Series of student´s presentations from Studio of Environment, Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology is accomplished together with OFFBiennale in Budapest. OFF-Biennale is uninstitutionalised, civil initiative, which exceeds borders of Hungary and traditional organisational structure of biennale. It contains variety of exhibitions and events. Presentation in the Cinema Art is part of biennale, called Satellite Prague and Brno, where students from Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design and Academy of Performing Arts in Prague will present their works together with students from Brno.
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