Assignment Summer Semester 2013
Motto „As soon as children are born, as soon as they enter our world, know everything about it and don’t need to learn a thing. The only problem is that they’ve hardly left their mother’s lap when a host of big-hearted females surround them, lean over the newly born and start in with their cooing: COO COO COO COO. The child is left speechless with fear. For more than a year the child is unable to utter a sensible work, so in the beginning he just lies there and inarticulately cries. Rehabilitation following the birth-shock goes on for years. A Nonutilitarian teacher's objective is to help everyone on this arduous journey."
Prologue from the programme of a Nonutilitarian teacher Josef Daněk and Blahoslav Rozbořil
The semester assignment opens up the issue in a broad sense: from education as a tool of an individual socialization - through the issue of learning the basic rules, social norms, skills and knowledge - to the more specific formation of individuals and groups. The project may depend on the specific interaction of certain groups, communities, as well as relationship of individuals. The work can result into the communication within the studio, which it can also thematize. Rather than illustrate the topic or delve into issues of pedagogy, the assignment challenges to consider one's own experiences, attitudes to education, school authorities. It has to encourage active participation in the game of "education", searching for creative, even subversive interactive models of education. The task is defined as a stimulus to think about the process of the semestral work itself, the interaction in the studio and at school. A depiction visualization of a system in which live can lead to fulfillment of a creative cooperation and joint communication.