The diploma work is focused on themes of symbolism, tarot and sharing.
Through studying symbols and tarot I made a work which should reflect my relation to esoterics and spirituality. It also allows me
to share my personal experiences with the viewer in a specific way.
I combine known symbols of tarot and personal symbolism through the medium of drawing. The
pictures are made on large format and with specific adjustation (folded like origami). It allows me to
use it specificly, to perform with it. The viewer can experience laying out of one of the pictures.
Together we talk about it and explore the meanings of symbolism and story behind the picture
The work will be exhibited in the gallery but it doesn’t mean it’s finished. I want to continue with the
actions for the viewers and with working on it even after I finnish school.
If you are interested in laying out presence, it is still possible. Just contact me via email (you'll find in my CV)
(photography: Poli Davydenko)