Last year at autumn, me, my future exhusband and our four friend, we were in England as a farm workers. We worked as apple pickers. I decided to don't take ''an art nap'' in England, so I started to make portraits of my friends. I want to draw into these portraits their favourite things like programming music, beer, chess and other things they like. Also I want to show their personality somehow, so I wrote to each portrait little text about the portraited person. (And they wrote together something about me)

For me this work was full of surprising things.I was just one girl in the caravan full of boys. It was hard and pleasant at the same time. We've seen our deepest feelings, we laught and cried together, we hated and loved each other. 

Also I photographed there, and like addition to these portraits I made 11 analog photos of our caravan living (I am not on any photo.)