PAF Gallery
Po stopách pivních mýžďů a rumolezců
Artists: Anna Tesařová, Markéta Wagnerová, Kriminálka
Exhibition: Dec 15, 2021–Jan 30, 2022
Po stopách pivních mýžďů a rumolezců is an unobtrusive exhibition trailer for the premiere of Pan Ovocňák II, which did not take place on December 4 at PAF 2021. An inexhaustible amount of ghosts appear in the film and in your lives. In addition to those captured on camera in the above-mentioned film, you can learn about an entire line of so-called booze animals, which are currently almost extinct, or drunk. Man has been drinking alcohol for millennia. During those years he was accompanied by beasts: Little Beer of Budvar, Sweaty Dirty Tap, Pukey Barfy, The Guy You Know and many others. Meet them. An exclusive opportunity for you to see the remains of Beersnail – the last specimen of its kind caught in October 2021 by Black Gamekeeper in the brownfields of Brno. You can't let that are we sure that’s the correct word? Spill, as in liquid splashing onto a floor? spill.