Book inspired by wedding trip, trip with my future exhusband to Spain. Hitchikers fairytale about Witch and her Tomcat dedicated to my niece is based on a true story. It is written in style which is understandable for small child.

Witch and her Tomcat went to Spain because they were itching Czech Republic's belly. Czech Republic was all the time complaining to other countries on Witch and Tomcat. They enjoyed a lot of bad and good adventures throught whole trip - especially because of the rumours from CR. Once they stuck in rainy Milano, once they dance in the forest on wildboars chorals, once they have the most beautifull wedding in the world. It was beautifull trip which ended by meeting Witches friends Lucia, she was also witch, and her Bird-Lizard pet Vojta. They were enjoying time together.
One day Czech Republic called Witch and Tomcat back so they must leave Madrid. CR called them, because she missed them. Like a surprise, CR prepare first snowy days in autumn and ice storm.

This book was written in cooperation with Markéta Wagnerová (My future exhusband). This book is also related with movie Meow.
O Čarodějce a Kocourkovi