Exhibition in VAK gallery
Yeah so like this. This photo is from polish facist parade happening on their Independence Day which is on 11th of November. This parade is happening for few years now and every time it's full of riot and disturbance. Also the whole city centre of Warsaw is closed.
Facist from all over the Europe come and give very long antisemitistic, antiislamistic, rasist and neonacionalistic monologues.
They also throw petards, light flares and hold stones in case of something happening.... It is a show of anti parties. Also it's a lot about church. You can see on this parade some kind of movements with Jesus flags, Virgin Mary on a seat or against abortion groups. These movements are supported by the church as same as this weird right wing. And all this is completed by people drunk from the morning, chilled seniors who like to remember polish togetherness and families with kids who just want to see riot. My turkish schollmate went to the march and she saw it like: very cute....
When the polish anthem is singed Warsaw turns red and time stops.
This years slogan was We want Good.
At the end of the parade are stands with beer and sausages. On the main stage is priest who for these rioters says Hail Mary.
It is the end. When I see this my heart hurts. Capitalism is top in Poland, so for me is quite fine to choose shoes shop for this exhibition.
Polish people spend their free time mainly in shopping centres or shopping galerie - how they call it.

You can read it like my speech or anything, as you wish. Or at the end, after the screaming.... But I would like if it will be you not Hanka who will be doing it. I like to make a performer from you, particulary when it's my exhibition without me.
Now I take it seriously!