Orkulindin is name for energic field on Hrísey island, which is said to be the second strongest on Iceland. Nearby Kaldbakur Glacier is sending huge amount of energy to the fjord and points directly to the island. On Hrísey on a top of small hill you can find cairn pointing towards glacier direction. It is also pointing to the opposite side of the fjord to the ''sun mountain''. First touch of Northern Lights in winter time is exactly over the top of Kaldbakur mountain. Sometimes it looks like the mountain is erupting this beautiful green light like polar volcano.
The video with author's soundtrack records my daily dreaming, browsing and wandering around the island.
The north of Iceland is a very beautiful place. For me, my stay here was like being in a dream or being constantly under the influence of psychedelic drugs. Living on an island is a diametrically different experience than anything I've ever had. Despite the fact I felt less outside of civilization than in the house in Šumava mountains where I grew up, I was caught up in nostalgia. As I watched the sea, the lazily falling snow, or even weaving through the dried fish, thoughts of my native landscape with forests and gentle scenic hills still raced through my head.
I have always been attracted to the North, and after a long time I finally had a good winter here, just like I used to have as a child in the mountains. The song of birds, which does not stop on the island even at night, is reminiscent of the spring evening on the Šumava meadows. Maybe that's why I recorded such a bitter soundtrack.
I also showed the video to the locals from Hrísey and it was a success. It's even more nostalgic to see your native lump through eyes of a stranger.
I also had the opportunity to show the video during the group exhibition in Akureyri. Exhibition was curated by Tereza Kociánová and the title was Hvar er heimili mitt - Kde je muj domov.Tereza exhebitied few artists namely:
Jana Jano
Ivana Golanová
Kateřina Štěpánková
Anna Tesařová
Tereza Šuláková (ReZ!)
Marie Bradavková
Tereza Obšivačová
Tereza Kociánová

 curators text:

  “Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark.”
Beginning of the czech national anthem is the question where is my home. So I tried to find people who left their country to find their new home here in Iceland. Most of the artist living here find their endless inspiration in the icelandic landscape and unique nature, so different to the middle european country.
video and exhibition in Gamli Skóli, Hrísey
exhibition in Deiglan Gallery, Akureyri