sound installation
Computer generated monologue about US and THEM. Xenofobic sentences from various web forums put into one accusation of THEM. Who are THEY and who are WE?

1 / sentences of strict judgements about enthnical groups taken from various discussions on Czech news servers

2 / cca 50% spoken about a minority (Gypsies) from the position of majority (Czechs),
cca 25% about majority from the position of minority,
rest expresses judgements of ethnics, towards which the speaker has no relation miniority - majority (e.g. Czech about Germans, Czech about French)

3 / words indicating particular ethnics replaced with "us" and "them"

4 / sentences generalised this way are ordered into a neverending monologue by the rule that each two neighbouring statements makes sense together.
(i.e. they are related to one topic (work, impossibility of coexistence, social benefits and others), share a common position (e.g. negative attitude towards "them") and/or could indicate one kontext)
A + B make sense
B + C make sense
A + C must not make sense
They never wanted to work. + They can never live with us. + It is terrible that they never give as jobs.

5 / for sentences comes from variuous contexts, listeners interpretation of "who are we and who are they" is little by little destroyed as the speech changes its context, position and attitude

Speach synthetiser