Near the castle Špilberk, on the pic of a hill dominating the center of Brno, is a fountain. Especially in summer months, it is favoured by visitors - mostly pairs and families - having just climber up the hill in the summer heat.

One day, all the parc around was occupied by tape no entry without any obvious sense or explanation. The tape crossed paths randomly and illogically and therefore any movement in the parc was impossible. (Later I discovered that it was because of a bicycle competition.)

I decided to test the authority of the sign (tape) by positioning it without any reason on a frequented place - around the fountaint on top of the hill. I was expecting that it would be there for just several hour, but it rested there whole week.

Inside and outside the tape, there was a new situation. People outside wandered what was the reason for the restriction (somebody died there, because of dogs, because of the end of the season, because of bad water). The situation inside was also more intensive than normally - for unconscious fear of undefined authority that can come in any moment.