The Library
contextual project, sound installation
9 tracks, 18:25
 The starting point of the project has origin in a mixed Czech and Slovak backround in studio at FFA BUT. As Slovak in new Czech environment, I was sensitive to phonetic differencies between our languages. Naturally, the interaction of Czech and Slovak languages on each other has its own side effect, the formation of neologisms. The tracks are result of artificial and systematic creation of crossing of these languages. The idea of sharing books between schoolmates in studio appeared parallely.  The first nine books in the collection I used as a work matherial. I had chosen group of words from one page of each book. The selection is based on euphonious principle commonly used in poetry.  (I used only words containing the combination of vowels "e-a, e-i, e-o, e-u"; while  the vowel "e" has  special role in the fonetics of Slovak language, this principle is missing in the Czech language.) The selection of words are read in Slovak, but the majority of matherial is in Czech. Even though materials used are mostly in Czech language, they are read according to rules of Slovak phonetics. The Czech letters are replaced by the the most similar Slovak signs. Therefore tracks represent synthetic Czechoslovak linguistic hybrid.