Czechoslovakia Private poetry
video, 4:18
In my diploma work, I am matching two fields, text and video. The main idea is based on contemporary form of czechoslovak language again, but this time, text creates a narative line. First sentences of a story are notes from casual conversations in mixed language environment, where is easy to find incorrect czechoslovak words, expresions or sentences. Later the quotations from theory of literature, czecho-slovak dictoniary, logopedy guide for correct czech pronunciation, etc. were added. So text line is becoming more self-referential and explaining in a second part of work.
The video sequences are based on a civil actions, situations or home-made performances assosiated with the text line. For creating a rhythm in a video I am using system of metric verse. Metric strophe is based on different lengths of each syllable, which create exact patterns, it was used in antient greek, latin and oriental literature. In czechoslovak environment it was also well known in renaissaince, classicism and period of national revival during 19th century, esspecially in a first part, where was the idea of united czechoslovak nation the strongest. I have chosen elegiac couplet, which consists of a hexameter verse followed by a pentameter verse. The graphic notation of elegiac couplet.
–UU | –UU | –UU | –UU | –UU | – –                       
–UU | –UU | – Λ || –UU | –UU| –Λ        
    –represents long syllable  
    Urepresents short syllable
In one long syllable is time for pronouncing two short syllables. I am using this pattern for video editing. Short syllable represents six seconds sequence and long syllable represents twelve seconds sequence.