5 analogue BW photographs, colored. 
Set of photos Hi, Wencelsaus was made for studio exhibition in the chapel of st. Wenceslaus in Znojmo. It's based on tradition of assignments given by church to the artists. Before I started the work itself I set up two rules: the medium will be photograph (as a opponent to traditional painting and sculpture - in ecclesiastic art) and an assignment (recieved during consultation with a willing priest from Brno) must be unconditionally fulfilled. size: 1 sized as the frame in the front, 4 smaller. material: analogue. style: BW + red color. theme: st. Wenceslaus (1. he's learning how to read, 2. he's picking grapes and makes wafers, 3. he's serving at the altar, 4. death, 5. prince with a flag (horse, eagle).