3 drawings on photographic paper format 17 x 12,5 cm, 10 pages of text format A5, 1 drawing on paper format A4, song of unspecified lenght and performance (in 2015 performed with ukulele). A Four-pointer Ballad is made of drawings of ground plans of the sites where I experience unfounded feeling of fear (it was drawn by a light pencil, alone in the dark, right at the place); of unreadable text written in feverish lines of thoughts - when you can't fall asleep during the night; my portrait drawn by a stranger who haven't seen me - recieved only a text which I've been writing for a long period of time (truth and lies); song accompanying artefacts mentioned above with depressing moments of recent personal history.
poprvé jsem ztratila vědomí
pak jsem se bála usnout
poprvé jsem měla kočky
kocour se zabil
a tu druhou neuvidím z jiných důvodů
a vždy když s někým mluvím
vím že ho nikdy nepoznám
že mluvím se svou představou