100 drawings format A4, charcoal and water colours on paper.  The world of art is full of urban legends phenomenon. Faculty of Fine Arts is not an exception. It has always been said, that Svätopluk Mikyta is brutally rigorous and an awful rough. We had a compulsory consultation at his studio of Drawing and Graphic once. Rather than letting my art work (and self-confidence) being ripped apart I tried to verify those legends by bringing four poor quality drawings. They're portraits of animals: cow, pig, hen and sheep. I was expecting furious incredulous criticism. To my surprise Mikyta didn't throw my drawings away, he seemed suddenly shy (probably he suspected a trap) and just asked me about my relationship with animals. I was disappointed. The only reaction related directly to drawings came from one student, whose said: "I'd like them, if there were one hundred of them for instance." So I drew a hundred of them.