11.5. / festival Kůra / Kutná Hora
 / theme: Beutiful New World
 The event is divided in two parts. In the first part an impersonal 5-minute therapy session takes place, during which I obtain some personal information from the visitors. By impersonal I refer to today’s world full of social networks and smartphones, which do away with the necessity of personal human contact. On the other hand, therapy enables people to make decisions and teaches them to better deal with life’s situations, shows new ways of approaching things and lightens the load of a heavy-laden life. The visitors approach one by one, instinctively take a seat at a table and we can begin. Information that the visitors reveal is written down by a scarcely visible person sitting in the shadows on the other side of the table. At the end of each session the visitor is asked to leave his biological artifact.

The second part is an exhibition of molds in petri dishes. Each biological artifact received is placed into one of the petri dishes, which the visitor unknowingly selected during his interrogation. On the lid of each dish with a particular mold and corresponding artifact is written that this is a world without the specific defect that each interrogated person mentioned during therapy.

Mold as a new, personal microword. A petri dish as a planet.

duration of first part: 70min23 visitors interrogated