Storytelling festival Brno 2015 Malá Amerika
As part of a storytelling festival I eavesdropped on people getting on a train leaving from Brno, as well as people getting off the same train in Prague. Small traveling through time.

  I do have time, but only for school and Thomasyou'll put it in the documentthe stupid ones are in the backa return to my student dayswe'll give the conductor a couple centsthey'll sit down and then we will as wellI've got some plum brandy, so we don't have to got to work anymore, or to the rectorythey tried to lure ushe was so high, he didn’t know if it was the right one

yo, the call dropped, no man, I've had enough for the dayyou buy presents, not make them?Ema is doused wet againyou go first, I don't know where I'm goingI haven't, I haven't got and neither do you, what can you doI'll make that decision latershe laughed at me when she saw meas if you had any jokes