project from intership in Visiting Artist studio FaVU. documentation Tomáš Kozohorský
I spent a year of my life in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm in panel housing estate in Záškolská street and my neighbors were an older couple around age sixty. They lived under our flat on the first floor where they didn’t have any close neighbors. Opposite their flat, there was just an empty apartment and next to them was an elevator. The only ones who could hear what was happening there were me and my roomate. This couple was drunk all day long and the man physically assaulted his wife almost every day.
In May, me and my friend Tomáš went to Frenštát pod Radhoštěm for a first time since I moved out.  Tomáš provided me a family photos of his mum. She was abused also, when he was a kid. On these pictures, she looks exacly how he remembers her from these times. We made a performance on the riverside where I used to go with my dog. I washed prints, sang a folklore song I remember from childhood folklore ensamble and was wearing a shimmy I sewed for this action. Than I hang the prints on a public dryers near the panel housing estate where we and the couple lived two years ago. I also added an archive articles from Frenštáts newspapers I found in online archives.
By this performance I want to reflect status of a woman in cultural heritage as folklore is and also compare this status with nowadays.