Erasmus student from France, my work is about sculptures, pictures and drawings, depicting built space.
Models in images
The theme of my work is about a new perspective, a new vision of our common life: the place where we live, the buildings that we use to work in without thinking about forms, shapes or spirits. In few words: the built space.

I want to propose a new possibility to visualize built space, common and daily way to live. I did some reserachs about forms and aesthetics. Those montages figure the type of installation that i would like to do finally, a sort of indirect confrontation to our habitat. By the model placement, i add a notion of lascivious contemplation, like an echoe with our way to live architecture, as a walker in the street or an inhabitant. 
I want to find other monstration's process, but i prefer this way: exhib models in the white cube give more exhibition's logical than if it was put on the street, expose to view of everybody like a social intervention. Brightness and simple forms of those models remove the serious status of architecture, treating this in a promiscious way. 
Drawings illustrating my models
Pictures illustrating my models
Manufactured facts
In a second time, i try an other approach, more manufactured, keeping in mind the work of Thomas SCHUTTE, and confronting sculptures with space. I'm still trying to establish an echoe between my disillusionned vision, my impenetrable geometry, and Architecture.