- from 05 to 12 mars 2014: Workshop with Simon Boudvin, about incongruities of architecture, 35000 Rennes
- from 13 december 2013 to 31 january 2014: Collectiv exposition "Monseigneur Levèque à la chasse", directed by Guillaume Pinard about the piece of art of Georg Ettl. EESAB, 35000 Rennes
- 11 and 18 december 2013: Artistics workshops, creation of an illustrated edition inspired by the Russian tale "Babayaga", Cultural Workshop of Maurepas, 35000 Rennes
- from 22 to 24 november 2013: Acting with Cedric Brandilly, Biennale of Contemporary Art, a performance artist: dance in a rack transformed in a night club in an urban place, Biennale of Contemporary Art, 35000 Rennes
- from 07 to 13 october 2013: Placement at L'Endroit Editions, directed by Mathieu Renard, L'Endroit Edition, 35000 Rennes
- from 16 to 30 june 2013: Intensive Programm Project: International exchange about the Land Art "Il colore come sostanza", Schools of Sandford (Great Britain), Cluj (Romania), Macerata (Italia) and Rennes (France), Cessapalombo, 62020 Macerata, Italie
- from 6 to 12 may 2013: Workshop with Annie Robine, learning of bookbinding, EESAB, 35000 Rennes
- from 14 to 28 march 2013: Workshop with Anita Molinera, visual artist: "Advices to artists who doubt", meeting with student of Art Schools of Cergy and Marseille, Village vacances Le Renouveau, 29170 Beg Meil
- from 01 january to 01 february 2013: Collectiv exposition: "La maison", from 01 to 15 janvier at Namgang Building, and from 21 january to 1st february at the Gallery View Artmonde, Seoul, Coree
- from 16 to 17 february 2012: Workshop with Pierre Dault, paintor: work about tiredness, 21 hours of consecutivs drawings with 201 drawings done, EESAB, 35000 Rennes

- from 2011 to today: DNAP at EESAB (European School of Art of Bretagne), actually in the 4th year, 35000 Rennes
- 2010 - 2011: 1rd year of Illustration at ESAL (Superior School of Art of Lorraine), 88000 Epinal
- 2009 - 2010: Preparatory class at EPSAA (Professional and Superior School of Art and Architecture), 94200 Ivry sur Seine
- 2008 - 2009: MANAA (Upgrade Class in Fine Arts), Lycée Paul Poiret, 75011 Paris
- juin 2008: Bachelor of Litterature option Arts, Lycée Jacques Amyot, 89000 Auxerre

Common language: French, English operational, Spanish correct, 
Work with plaster, metal, wood, 
Woodcut, etching on zinc, plexiglass, linocut and lithograph, 
Knowledges in film and numeric photography, 
Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Premiere.