spring semester project (studio of Barbora Klímová, FaVU Brno)
During workshop Reviving the Memory in Lidice I´ve started to collect and record different versions of story about tough life of František Saidl. He was the only man, who survived (in territory of protectorate Bohemia and Moravia) total destruction of Lidice by Nazis in 1942 - because this time he was in prison after killing his son. I was fascinated about his story, the most strong moment for me was the fact, that Saidl didn´t know what happened and after he had been released from prison came back to the place where his village and house used to stand - and found just a wasteland. Few days after workshop I came back to Lidice and armed with quite detective way gained maps I found and filmed a site, where Saidl´s house used to stand. Output of my work and research was an audio-visual installation, which had three parts. Video-projection of a meadow (site of former house), table with artefacts I have find on that physical site (stones, plants, flowers) as well as my diary connected to the story and family picture with Saidl. Third and most important part consists of five loud speakers located in space in the shape of semicircle. In each of four loud speakers the visitor could listen to one version of Saidl´s story (of his relative, old lady - witness, guide woman and writer) and in the fifth were authentic sounds of natural site. Visitor could decide, if he´ll stand in the middle, in the sound-chaos of intersection point, or listen to only one loud speaker or freely move among them. My big gratitude and thanks belongs to all who let me recorded their versions of story as well as to all employees of gallery and museum in Lidice.
Video and voices (just for imagine - installation was based on placement sounds in space)

Pictures of installation

From my diary