The Environment Studio welcomes applicants focussed on and interested in artistic, and extra-artistic fields. Students who are accepted are willing to experiment, investigate and communicate intermedial approaches to creation. Specific focus and direction in your own work in specific areas is valued, but so is openmindedness to new approaches.

Requirements for applicants to Bachelor's study (4-year study, BcA.)

Round 1 (January)
Home work → documentation or original work (drawings, paintings, texts, photographs, prints, photocopies, DVD-Videos, CDs), CV, (motivational letter). Round 2 (February)
Talented pieces → four contextual tasks, produced in various media (drawings, paintings, text, photo, video, music, performance, installations etc.)
Test of Fine Art History. Round 3 (February)
Interview → Fine Art History, general outlook, motivation to study

Requirements for applicants to Master's study (2-year study, MgA.)

Interview (September) – presentation of work, submission of theoretical project and practical diploma work. Consultations possible during semester on Wednesdays 14:00 – 18:00, Údolní 19, room no. 216. Questions: +420 723 053 546 Further info: